Friday, August 25, 2017

August 2017 Gateway Villas Luau

Once again, Gateway Villas Assisted Living invited us to their annual Luau. We were privileged to play for the guests. They sang along with nearly every song! P.S. Scroll down for the update.

Vicki, Cherie, Don, Kuniyo, Lisa, Virginia

Update; The photo above was taken moments before showtime while we were looking for Patrick, who I suspect was outside being a Ukulele Star for the guests. Then I got accused of Photoshopping him out. Well, I could, so I can PS him in, now can't I?

Vicki, Cherie, Don, Kuniyo, Lisa, Virginia, Patrick

Thursday, August 24, 2017

August 2017 Fourth Thursday Meeting

We had a lively meeting and welcomed our new member Bill. We got to practice our Hawaiian songs for the Luau at Gateway Villas and I must say we're in fine voice.

Stephen, Mira, Don, Lisa, Bill, Pat, Virginia

Thursday, August 10, 2017

August 2017 Second Thursday Meeting

This meeting we had many of 'the usual suspects' and a guest who made a significant addition to our little band. Bobby is a drummer and played my new Slaptop Cajon this meeting. It was awesome! He had never attended a Ukulele Club meeting and said it was a great experience.

Don, Bobby, Lewis, Elizabeth, Kuniyo, Lisa, Virginia

Meinle Turbo Slaptop Cajon